Last updated:  June 10, 2017

The Canadian Whisky Painters

Presently, the 'Canadian Whisky Painters' is a small group of painters who all come from different creative backgrounds.  Whether a 'Canadian Plein Air Painter' and/or 'Urban Sketcher', we all share the love of painting and the friendships that go along with it.

We’re just starting out and we look forward to some good sketching sessions and events.

Watercolour Painting by Susan Baker, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersSusan Baker

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Nurtured by my mother's own artistic eye, I've drawn and painted since childhood.  I studied History in Art at the University of Victoria, and have exhibited and sold work in both the Sooke and Sidney Fine Art Shows.

I paint in oils or watercolour, and love painting in studio or en plein air.

Watercolour Painting by Jesi Barron, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersJessamine (Jesi) Barron

I am foremost a watercolour painter, and for the last twenty years I have painted out doors... of course, weather permitting.

I live on the west coast of BC where rain and mists are very interesting to me. The wild seas and giant rain forests are what I paint.

I have shown and sold my work since the fifties... what you might call my life work, my life journey.

I continue...

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Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Brian Bolli, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersBrian Bolli

I'm a Canadian Plein Air Painter and a Canadian Whisky drinker.  I love both.

I consider myself a perpetual student, continually learning the art and craft of painting from the landscape around me and from interaction with my fellow painters.  My intent and style is to abstract and simplify while trying to impart the emotion, or warmth, or mystery of a scene.  My preferred medium is oil paint and so I am learning to appreciate the versatility and beauty of watercolor - a task made much easier when using whisky as a medium and a source of inspiration.

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Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Desiree Bond, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersDesiree Bond

As a painter, I've enjoyed experimenting with different mediums, subject matter and points of view. I try to achieve a fresh and effortless feel in my work.

In the last few years I've painted out doors where the west coast of Vancouver Island provides endless inspiration.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Kathy Cameron, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersKathy Cameron

I am a mixed media artist and work mainly with acrylics.  I often use vintage papers and ephemera to create interesting backgrounds for my paintings.

I spent much of my childhood camping and exploring the abundant marshes, forests and lakes with my family near Prince George and the interior.  Some of my fondest memories were the times spent with my naturalist father at the “slough”, armed with binoculars, camera and a rubber dingy.

My artwork reveals my passion for anything vintage and seeing beauty in “old” as well as delighting in the fine detail and artistry in nature.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Rod Crutcher, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersRod Crutcher

I’m passionate about art. I’ve been creating art - with the help of some mentors, workshops and lots of experimentation - on and off for about 20 years. For the past 3 years, since retiring from a career in medicine, I’ve been immersed in watercolour and plein air painting.

I enjoy being part of the vibrant southern Vancouver Island art community.  This is such a great place to live, breath, serve, write, sip and paint.

Watercolour Painting by Deborah Czernecky, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersDeborah Czernecky

I enjoy painting outside anywhere in the world and in the studio.

My work reflects my love for my country, which I nicknamed “my big backyard.”  I am inspired by the diverse scenery that I encounter in different locations across Canada and the world.  The land is in constant flux due to changing light.

I hope my work portrays the emotional impact of the scene at that particular point in time.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Stuart Duncan, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersStuart Duncan

I have been drawing and painting all my life. I have been a gallery owner as well as an illustrator. Presently I work as a jeweller creating pieces that are inspired by nature.

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a day painting. I paint landscapes and figures in watercolour and oil.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Ken Faulks, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersKen Faulks

I'm a Canadian Plein Air Painter &
Canadian Whisky Painter.

My artistic background also includes freelance illustration, graphic design and painting murals.

Over the years, I've pursued several subjects, including the figure, portraiture, landscape and non-representational work.  I've also enjoyed worked in several mediums, including oil, acrylic (both brush & airbrush), qouache, graphite, felt marker, and digital.

I love doing what I do!

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Diana Grenkow, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersDiana Grenkow

I took a workshop a couple years ago on pen and wash.  Being a still life oil painter, this workshop was on the outer limits of my artistic interests. But hey, it was something different and looked like fun.  I loved it; a combination of wonderful sketchy freedom with the playfulness of watercolour washes. How terrific!

Hiking with your watercolour kit on Vancouver Island. does it get any better.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Inga Hoogendoorn, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersInge Hoogendoorn

My interest in art began when I was in high school.  Over the years I have painted landscapes, portraits and still life in various media.

Upon moving to Victoria BC in 2012, I joined the Victoria Urban Sketchers and the Al Frescoes plein air groups and am thoroughly enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Inge's Flickr Site

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Bob Langford, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersBob Langford

In the 20+ years since my career as an Environmental Biologist, I've been enjoying my time painting and drawing.

Works vary from smaller plein air paintings to large studio abstracts. I am fascinated with colour compositions and textural works depicting nature.

Current works are mostly plein air, carried out around Victoria and Vancouver Island.

My Flickr site shows the progression of my interests over many years.

Bob's Flickr Site

Canadian Whisky Painting by Edith Looker, Canadian Whisky Painters, Watercolour on PaperEdith Looker

I am a dancer, writer, painter, gardener, costumer, and baker. I am most happy when creating something, choreographing a dance, a poem, a painting or a muffin.

Since moving to Victoria in 2007, I have been painting en plein air. Painting outdoors creates an opportunity to engage with both the environment and one’s immediate response while trusting one’s skills.

Armed with a small sketchbook, watercolours, pen and brush, I head out to interpret the world around me.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Anne Miller, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersAnne Miller

Finding watercolour painting in 2003 has been an amazing and life altering experience for me.   My life has included many forms of creative pursuits and I am so happy that painting and teaching have enriched my development.  Art is a wonderful balance to all the more prescribed places where we find ourselves immersed.

 I have enjoyed the guidance of excellent teachers and  patient mentors in developing my representative style of painting..  The interplay between lights and shadow is a constant inspiration, and to mentally plan how to recreate such moments on paper is an ongoing joy as well as a journey in my painting experience.

To be able to formally include wine or whiskey into this creative process can only make the journey more fun!

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Sherry Mussio, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersSherry Mussio

I’ve loved painting with watercolour since I was a little girl.  Mostly I paint large, but I often make small sketches as ideas for larger paintings.  Our farm and vineyard on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula is the source of many of these images.

I use a variety of mediums, including watercolour, oil, acrylic and computer graphics.  Plein Air painting is relatively new to me and I’m finding that it’s adding another dimension to my imagery.

I enjoy the camaraderie!

Pauline Ogilvie

There is not a day when I don’t think about “mark making”- be it a burnt stick or a pot of paint.

I live now in the Thompson River dry belt where the view is either dramatic - or subtle and muted - very different from the blues and greens of the coast where I was born.

All my art is now landscape based--whether abstract or representational. In the past I have enjoyed           pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylic mediums - today the subject “tells me “what medium to use.

What fortunate people we are - to work at something we love.

Play on!

Website available soon.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by John Stuart Pryce, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersJohn Pryce

Art had always been part of my life and even though I spent most of my life as an Architectural Illustrator my real passion was to capture the Canadian landscape as a Plein-Air painter.  I feel fortunate to have the ability to share what I feel through my art and at the same time to call many wonderful and talented artist my friends.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Delia Sansom, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersDelia Sansom

'About Catherine' available soon...

Website available soon.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Catherine Stone, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersCatherine Stone

I'm a Canadian artist who loves drawing and messing around with watercolours. I can remember making art when I was a little girl in the Fraser Valley.

When I'm moved by a view or an experience I like to express that feeling with paint. It's most satisfying when other people feel something too.

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Marcela Strasdas, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersMarcela Strasdas

I am a Vancouver Island artist, I paint mainly in oils and acrylics but watercolours was what I started with more than 15 years ago. Gardens, traveling, nature, landscapes, seascapes, reflections, boats and marinas found around British Columbia's Gulf Islands are never ending sources of inspiration for me. I strongly believe there is no end to learning and growing as an artist, and for that I paint in the studio or en plein air as much as I can!

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Sharlene Stushnov-Lee, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersSharlene Stushnov-Lee

I am a Vancouver Island artist  and my work is mostly representational.  I started out as a watercolour painter and along the way have included oils and acrylics in my repertoire.   Whether painting en plein air or in the studio, I endeavour to capture the light and the feel of my subject.  

I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world.  It is a constant inspiration to me.”

Watercolour: Canadian Whisky Painting by Deborah Tilby, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersDeborah Tilby

I am a representational painter who works both in the studio and in the field.

I live on the west coast of British Columbia and have been working in oil and watercolour for many years finding inspiration in the local landscape, boats, marinas and the sea.

I am passionate about my work; I truly love it and paint every day.  Painting is a challenge, but always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.

Watercolour Whisky Painting by Ron Wilson, a member of the Canadian Whisky PaintersRon Wilson

During my first life in South Africa I painted in oils, then I was told by a top artist that I should switch to watercolour! Say what...?

It's like telling a rugby player that he should rather be playing SOCCER. Or Ice hockey to field hockey..... Now in my second life in Canada I'll admit that I've always regarded w/c as my private/personal medium.  Oil versus watercolour. May the best medium win.